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Records Management Services

  • Training & capacity building in electronic records management, records management and Registry Operations etc.

  • Develop records and archives management policies.

  • Develop and implement records retention and disposition schedules.

  • Carry out records surveys, audit and analysis.

  • Developing records policies, procedures, Manuals and guidelines.

  • Develop Records Management Systems, tools and forms.

  • Set up registries, records centres and archives.

  • Developing Functional Classification    systems and filing systems.

  • Digitization and scanning.

  • Sort, reorganize, file, index, shelve and label records.

  • Automation of Records Management Systems.

  • Electronic filing and Electronic Records management.

  • Electronic records management solutions and software i.e. ZYLAB, HP TRIM, M-Files, Metro-Files, OpenEMR, Oracle, MS Access databases.

  • Electronic Mail records management.

  • Design database management systems for records and archives management.

  • Develop a Professional and Comprehensive Records Management Program.

  • Records Facility Design.

  • Health Records Management.

  • Business Records Management.

  • Legal Records Management.

  • Bank records Management.

  • Personnel/Human resource Records Management.

  • Develop records management officers roles and responsibilities.

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning.

  • Archives Management Services i.e. Appraisal and Description, Cataloguing & Boxing and Sorting.

  • Develop Records Retention and Disposal Schedules in line with legislation and other corporate requirements.
Risk Management Consultancies

  • Operational risk management.

  • ICT Risk management.

  • Financial Risk Management.

  • Risk Management in Central Banks, Banks and other Financial institutions.

  • Reputational Risk Management.

  • Information Risk Management.

  • Procurement Risk Management.

  • Human Resources Risk Management.

  • Auditing and Risk Management.

  • Insurance and Risk Management.
Library Management Consultancies

  • Establishment Information Centers, Resource Centres and Libraries.

  • Information Needs Assessment and Collection Development.

  • Information audits: reviews of an organisation’s information resources.

  • Technical services (Cataloguing and Classification).

  • Automation of libraries and information systems (Koha, Millenium, VTLS, Resource Mate, WINISIS, Library Silver World etc).

  • Digital libraries via DSpace.

  • Design Library Policies.

  • Conversion Services.
ICT Consultancies

  • Database Design and Management.

  • Computer Software and Hardware Supply and Installation.

  • Internet Connection.

  • Website Design and Development.

  • Networking Services - LAN, Intranet.

  • Systems Analysis and Design.

  • Management Information Systems (MIS).

  • Computer Repair and Maintenance.

  • Information Security (Anti Viruses).
Communication Consultancy

  • Designing communication strategies.

  • Repackaging of information.

  • Information Dissemination.

  • Implementation of Communication strategies.

  • Monitoring and Evaluation of communication Strategies.
Social Media, Web 2.0 and New Media Technologies Management Consultancies

  • Social Media policy development.

  • Social Media Strategy Development.

  • Training in Social Media.

  • Social Media Tools Implementation.

  • Social Media Impact Measurement, Monitoring and Evaluation.

  • Implementation of Web 2.0 technologies.

  • New Media technologies Implementation.

  • Mobile Technologies Implementation.
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Professional Advisory Services

We provide Professional Advisory Services to government agencies, ministries, NGOs, private organizations, banks, health centres, information centres, schools and churches. We advise on all aspects of risk management, records management, library management, information management, systems, services and products.


Other Areas of Training

Procurement, Economics, Research, Project Management, Policy and Strategy development.


Corporate Training
Capacity Building
Information Brokerage